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Flying In The Sky

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

15 Everyone has his or her special sky, my sky is my art and design. I like drawing very much when I was a child, I was born in a democracy family and my parents like arts very much, but, their majors are medicine and English literature. In my growing way, my mind has not been limited, parents have been giving me the biggest supports and encouragement, all of these let me go on my dream and flying in my sky.

Everyone has different realization about arts and creation. In my eyes, arts is screening of soul and heart. All emotion  could be displayed in your works, colors are your different moods, shapes are your differnt thinking methods. But, in front of arts, we do need a  childish heart for our creation because child is clean.

Everyone has many difficulties in his or her flying way, me too. Although people always say “good luck” to one and other, in fact, few people is really lucky in the world. So, old people always told us that working hard is important. I do think so. In fact, sometimes, difficulties could teach us more than books.

I do like my sky because there are spirits’ kingdom, gods’ code, monsters’ wars and holy creatures’ songs. Yes, everything was so vivid and rich in the sky. But, of course, I need a ‘door’ to bring the sky into the real world and I do need to follow with brave ‘heros’  to open the door together.

Are you the man who I am looking for…………….Me