Chinese Poems/中国诗词(自己的作品)

Poem_mywebI like Chinese traditional poems very much, because my parents are super fans of traditional arts, history and literature of China. These poems were created by myself, hoping visitor could give more suggestions.

乾坤八卦天地倒,虚景幻灭黑白覆,红毛绿头撑华盖,拈花一笑粉尘埃。(September 23, 2009)

关山雪,北风急,壮士披甲战夷狄。红樱飘,锦骑行,男儿挥剑斩云霄。(this poem only have one part, could you give me the second part) (this is game of poem)(September 29, 2009)

《风尘笑》风尘往昔流光彩, 踏雪寻梅逆寒流。已是一番风霜雪,待到吐芳展新翠。(December 23, 2009)

豪气志鸿远,龙剑鸣山岳,英雄盖世,叹孤鹰展翅浮华梦。(February 15, 2010)

大 风起兮云飞扬,威加海内兮归故乡,安得猛士兮守四方。────刘邦(poem of Liu Bang, the first emperor of Han Dynasty)…..

沧海移兮鸿滔涌,壮志未酬兮荡苍穹,遙待贤士兮展宏图。────Nidan Cao (a little student of Arts)

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