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A   Happy   Teacher’s   Day

I have not written my blog for long time for busying days. I do miss my blog. September 10, it was a very special day for all of Chinese teachers, the day is for teachers. In traditional China, teacher had high reputation especially for professors. Aging people told me that professors in old time should put their namecard on chest, because this was a kind of honor.  All people would salute to professor when he or she were walking passing of them.

Now, I am only a little lecturer in uni, the road still is long for me. Although I have very limited salary and still need to work hard very much, I am happy to be a teacher giving helps and knowledges to students. The happy time is when your students are rewarded through their hard work in competitions. In addition,  the day is happy day too, for you will find your phone or computer is full of the warm messages from your students after you get up, you will be presented a bunch of flowers when you are walking in campus, this is the Teacher Day.

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